HY05-A Nasal-type Semiconductor Laser Treatment Instrument

Application Range:

Rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps. Hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, ischemic heart and cerebral vascular disease caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

1 The Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument mainly adopts the special soft laser light which can get through the nasal mucosa of the human body. The soft laser light is featured mild working rate and could be fully and safety absorbed by the nasal tissue of the human body. This kind of laser light has a special repair function to the nasal mucosa of the rhinitis patients. The repaired nasal mucosa could secrete antibacterial material including lysozyme as normal mucosa and restart the normal cleaning function of the swinging cilia on the nasal mucosa.


2 In a word, the treatment method of Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument is based on the fundamental principle of repairing and improving the body's natural immune system. Quickly remediate the wounded surface through irradiating the surface of the damaged mucous membrane; improve the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiating the the nasal mucosa, thereby playing a good role in treating allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasal sinuitis and the like.

Function and Performance:


reducing the blood viscosity;


2 accelerating the blood circulation within the nasal tissues.


3 enhancing local blood oxygen saturation,


4 accelerating the absorption and metabolism of nasal tissue to inflammatory substances,


5 eliminating and reducing the nasal obstruction caused by nasal swelling.


6 promoting the secretion of lysozyme and phagocytes within the nasal mucosa,


7 improving the immunization and sterilization function of the nasal mucosa.


8 improving the nasal antivirus/germs ability and the antianaphylaxis ability.


9 accelerating the convergence of the damaged nasal mucosa,


10 repairing damaged blood capillary and prevent the regular nosebleed.


11 accelerating and improving the swinging of cilia on the nasal mucosa.


12 enhancing the nasal function and strengthening the detoxification ability of the nasal mucosa.



   1.The only product with code number for the treatment of rhinitis is approved by SFDA and exact effect.


   2. No medical or chemical components, without pain, damage or stimulation during treatment.


   3. Short treatment time, 30mins each time.


   4. Small in size, easy to carry. It is very compact and portable.


   5. LCD display screen and with easy operation buttons.


   6. Two output modes: Pulse and Continues.


   7. Pluggable laser wire, more convenience in use and easier maintenance.

Do not make direct view or observation via optical instrument to the laser beam.

The Children should only use the instrument under the direction of their parents.

The aged and sensitive patients should begin from the low-power and short-time treatment.

The power could be increased gradually as the body adapts it.

Twice treatment daily, 30 minutes for each time.

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