1L Home Use PSA Oxygen Generating Apparatus

Application Range:

The old, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory disease, stoke histroy, working under great press, pregnant women, babies...

Firstly, the air enters into the compressor through the inlet silencer. Then it will get into the molecular sieve to separate the oxygen and nitrogen. The oxygen separated gets into the fine screening area, while the nitrogen is absorbed by the molecular sieve and then discharged via the separating valve. After the oxygen is improved in concentration through the fine screening, it will get into the flowmeter which will control the oxygen flow. Next, the oxygen gets into the water tank to be moistened. Finally, it can serve as the supplemental oxygen via the oxygen catheter.


1. Relieve the pressure on the brain.

2. Relieve the working pressure

3. home health care oxygen

4. Oxygenating for physical exercise

1. Safe

This device generates oxygen purely by physical method, so it contains no chemical substances.


2. Convenient

Small in size, it is convenient to use, 350mm*235mm*315mm


3. Economical

The daily cost is no more than 0.12US dollars.


4. Exquisite

This product applies the streamlined design with large liquid crystal LED display equipped.


5. Scientific

The oxygen enrichment accords with the international standard.


6. Highly humid

The generator has high oxygen output with stable oxygen concentration.


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