Laser Comb for Hair Growth

Application Range:

hair growth & preventing hair loss, hair whitening

This product applies 650nm red laser + 635nm LED +465 nm LED blue hair, the use of laser light to heat, light pressure, photochemical reactions and biological stimulating effect and stimulate the scalp capillaries and nerves, improve blood circulation and hair quality, and it' combined with LED light therapy and vibration massage.


1. High capacity lithium battery which can work for 5 hours continuously;

2. With portable power charger for convenient use in anytime at any where;

3. Combined 650nm laser with 635nm red led light & 465nm blue led light;

4. Combined light irradiation with massage mode;

5. Power switch and massage key in elegant design;

6. With 18 light guide teeth, intensive layout, more focused illumination surface for better treatment;

7. Flow linear design, comforable for hand feeling.


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