HY30-D Wrist Laser Treatment Instrument Enhanced Model

Application Range:

High blood pressure,hyperviscosity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps.

Our Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument has been developed base on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts low-level laser with the wavelength of 650nm, through specific parts of irradiation and using light radiation of laser and wavelength relation to change the biological characteristics and peel off the fat layer and cholesterol wrapped in the red blood cells, to improve the activity and oxygen carrying capacity as well as the deformability of cells, reduce the concentration of middle molecules in the blood, improve hem rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol, in order to effectively treat and prevent heat and brain diseases.

1 . Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation.

2. Improving blood oxygen carrying capacity through laser blood irradiation.

3 . Reducing blood-fat and total cholesterol through laser blood irradiation.

4.  Quickly and effectively correct the abnormality of lipid metabolism and maintain the equilibrium level of the lipid metabolism in the human body through laser blood irradiation.

5.  Improving the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiation the nasal mucosa.

6 . Therapeutic efficacy control on ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases.

Tip 1: We have wrist 5 diodes laser & 10 diodes laser models for choice, pls specify if need 10 diodes laser.

Tip 2: External pain therapy laser irradiation device is optional choice for anti-inflammation, wounds healing, if need please inform us when placing an order.

1) Very effect in treatment, laser irradiate three parts or acupoints of human body at the same time, it has been sole proprietor in the market.  

2) A laser stabilizer specially added to perform with more stability. 

3) Our semiconductor laser devices are used by high quality import laser head, which has the long life-span.

4) Products owned five patents protection.

5) Humanistic and scientific design to fit human physiological curve and ergonomics. 

6) Medical use of high capacity lithium battery for the energy-saving.

7) Large LCD screen display the time, date and calendar, also work as a watch, it is multiple functions design.

8) Using high-class and durable metal enclosure which is conducive to heat diffusion for the power stable.

9) Time and power are adjustable, very smart memory system. 

10) Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, which have manual and automatic switch available.

11) Plug-gable laser wire, more convenience in use and easier maintenance.

1. Do not make direct view or observe to the laser beam via any optical instrument.
2. Keep out of reach by children to prevent latent danger to their eyes.
3. The product is forbidden for pacemaker users since it may interfere with the functions of pacemaker.
4. The aged or sensitive patients should begin from the low-power and short-time treatment. The power could be increased step by step when the body adapts the treatment. Once or twice treatment a day, and 30 minutes for each time.
5. During the treatment period, the diet structure should be proper adjusted and moderate exercises are necessary as well to enhance the metabolism.

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